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Dr John Pugh is the Director of Primus Psychology. He is a chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specialising in childhood psychopathology and mental health. He has longstanding experience as a Principal Educational Psychologist, including management of a Looked After Children (LAC) Educational Psychology Service.

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John began his career in residential child care around 20 years ago, before becoming a secondary teacher and then specialising in teaching young adults with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. After qualifying as an Educational Psychologist in 2001, John trained as a Person Centred therapist, working therapeutically with individuals of all ages and specialising in child psychopathology and mental health, the focus of John’s 2011 doctoral research and subsequent academic specialism.

John has been a child and adolescent Psychologist for 14 years. He became a Senior Educational Psychologist 11 years ago and then a Principal Educational Psychologist 6 years ago. John seeks to invest the same energy, innovation and high standards to Primus Psychology as he has to his previous career, resulting in outstanding client feedback and high service demand.